Hey Gays, Go Away!: The Movie Hollywood Doesn't Want You to See (PopMatters)

There’s a movie currently sitting on a studio shelf somewhere in Tinseltown, that most of the industry doesn’t want you to see. It doesn’t offer gross out gore effects or some manner of sick twisted torture porn. It stars a former funny man still loaded with considerable commercial cache and a British thespian who continues to reach beyond his walking Star Wars wounded appeal. The script (and first time direction) comes from the adept duo behind Bad Santa and the recent Bad News Bears remake and yet, for some unfathomable reason, Hollywood has yet to greenlight a wide theatrical release. Apparently, even with an interesting cast and a smart, clever approach, there’s something about I Love You Phillip Morris that makes movie biz nervous.

It can’t be Jim Carrey. Though he’s no longer the number one box office draw of a decade ago, he still has some leg left in his career. Ewan McGregor is also a viable mid-level star, the aura of Obi-Wan Kenobi no longer fouling every film he’s in. The premise is a familiar one, especially to high concept comedies - a con man who uses his considerable huckster skills and undying devotion to the one he loves to leave a trail of comic destruction across a wide patch of the planet. Oh, and did we mention that this man, Steven Russell, actually existed and that the movie is based on many of his real life exploits? So what is the problem, you ask. Well, it’s quite simple, really. Mr. Russell was a homosexual, and the motion picture interpretation of his story, is one of the most rainbow flag-waving queer-friendly entertainments ever.

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